breun Vraag jezelf: "Wat doe ik hier?" op Fedora Core 2

The team is pleased to announce the long-awaited upgrade to our project web service. staff are currently in the process of completing hardware procurement and system build-out. The official date for this upgrade has not yet been set; once our hardware build-out has been completed, the date will be announced on the Site Status page.

This upgrade consists of a significant hardware upgrade and Operating System upgrade. Due to the large upgrades involved here, it may be necessary to upgrade your scripts.

Old configuration:

Debian Potato Linux kernel 2.4.x GNU libc 2.2.1 Apache 1.3.26 Perl 5.005_03 PHP 4.1.2 Python 1.5.2 Tcl 8.0

New configuration:

Fedora Linux: Fedora Core 2 Linux kernel 2.6.x GNU libc 2.3.3 Apache 2.0.51 Perl 5.8.3 PHP 4.3.8 Python 2.3.3 Tcl 8.4.5

Additional upgrades may be performed after this initial upgrade is completed; any follow-up changes will be announced via the Site Status page.

A host roughly matching the configuration of the new project web servers is being placed within the Compile Farm on 2004-10-22. Additional information regarding the Compile Farm may be found at:

Questions or concerns regarding this upgrade may be directed to staff by submitting a Support Request as per:

Thank you, staff