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RUN 10

C64 Orchestra

In mijn mailbox vandaag:

After massive response we got from fans all over the world, the BIG question is: when will the cd be released? We release the cd called RUN 10 at 12 November's a limited release and it's gonna be a great piece of art! Not only the artwork is something else, but it is a 2 cd's release with on the first one the c64 orchestra recordings and on the second cd the original c64 music tunes, interviews, live footage and more. But most important, on RUN 10 we will be releasing zip files from the c64 orchestra recordings of Monty ON the Run. This allows you to make your own remix, using the separate tracks of the ensemble. Send us the remixes you have made and this will be the start of the new cd called RUN 20. This cd will have the 20 most outstanding remixes we got back from you. After RUN 10 is released we will upload more zipped recordings of the orchestra to our website. Our record company is: Rounder Europe and we are powered by: NCRV, Dutch public broadcaster

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Eindelijk komt het er dan van. Ik heb twee concerten gezien en een cdtje gaat er nu wel in.